Ragland Fund I

Strategic Vision: Ragland Fund I stands as a testament to our strategic foresight. We meticulously navigate the residential real estate landscape, identifying opportunities that align with our commitment to delivering exceptional returns and long-term value.

Transparent Partnerships: Transparency is at the core of our relationships. Ragland Fund I is built on trust, ensuring that our investors are well-informed, engaged, and confident in the strategic decisions we make on their behalf.

Innovation in Investment: We take pride in our innovative approach to investment. Ragland Fund I reflects our commitment to staying ahead of market dynamics, embracing new opportunities, and evolving with the ever-changing real estate landscape.

Long-term appreciation – Since the inception of Ragland Fund I, the fund has experienced multiple years of double-digit Net Asset Value (NAV) appreciation. In 2021, RFI experienced an appreciation of 15.3% and in 2022, growth of 14.3% was achieved. This equates to an annualized return of 14.8%. In the same time frame, equity indices such as the S&P 500 had an annualized return of 3.725% and the NASDAQ had a return of (5.85%).

Monthly cash flow – While Ragland Fund I achieves long-term appreciation through a diversified portfolio of real estate across several capital markets, investors have also received periodic cash returns. With the addition of our cash flow in conjunction with our appreciation, investors have achieved an average return of 16.13% over the past three years.

Tax Benefits (Depreciation) – Investing in Ragland Fund I may give you the opportunity to take advantage of tax benefits. Although your investment with RFI is diversified within a fund and not allocated to one particular property, a depreciation tax break may still benefit you as an investor. The benefits of depreciation affect your investment in slightly different ways. Per IRS rulings, real estate can be depreciated on a 27.5 or 39.5 year basis depending on whether it is residential or commercial properties. As an investor within RFI, your investment allocation within the fund may be eligible for depreciation benefits while potentially offsetting other sources of income. We encourage you seek tax advice from your tax professional for any specific questions.

Return Profiles

 Ragland Fund I (RFI) is a balanced private real estate fund that seeks double-digit returns through the acquisition of properties in capital markets within Central Texas and Mississippi regions.  RFI is actively managed in that in addition to the expected long-term appreciation, the fund generates monthly cash flow with properties it has acquired for short-term rentals.  Ragland Fund I is diversified and has proven to deliver long-term appreciation as well as short-term dividend returns since its inception.

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